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Goodwell Company Toothbrush
Exceptional Toothbrushes for Every Budget

It’s a little crazy when you think about it: we commit an enormous amount of time to brushing our teeth, but when it comes to selecting a toothbrush, we often avoid committing the money, choosing among the cheapest (and sometimes most colorful) options available. But … Read more

Dentist New Year's Resolution
Own 2017 with These New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Keep All Year and Benefit From Forever

Ah, New Year’s resolutions. Those small commitments to self-improvement intended to help us live better and feel better about ourselves. But as 88% go unmet, they more often leave us even less healthy, wealthy and confident. Here are a few you can actually keep, yielding … Read more

Dental Holiday Gifts 2016
5 Delightful Dental Goodies to Enhance Your Holiday Gifts

The holidays are here! (Although for some, they’ve been here since July.) This magical season is a time for celebration among loved ones, where we give thanks for our fortunes and exchange gifts to express love and appreciation. But each year can pose a new … Read more

Halloween Candy Teeth Effects
Does One Spooky Night of Candy Indulgence Really Have Frightening Effects on Your Teeth?

There’s nothing worse than the neighborhood dentist who dishes out toothbrushes in lieu of candy on Halloween—right? Trust us: dental floss is the last item you’ll find on our candy trays. But we do appreciate the mindfulness of Dr. Buzzkill. The spookiest night of the … Read more

What Causes Bad Breath and How to Avoid It

Whether you’re holding an important meeting at work or enjoying a date night downtown, bad breath can always make an unwelcome appearance, only to shatter your confidence and impair your performance in the most undesirable of circumstances. Mouthwash or gum can save you in an … Read more

Benefits of Flossing
Debunking the Great Floss Debate

Floss daily. That is, perhaps, the most universal advice in the dental world. And given that Americans tend to prefer cleaning toilets than cleaning between their teeth, it also seems to be the most painstaking part of maintaining good oral hygiene. So when the Associated … Read more

Food for Healthy Teeth
Tooth-Friendly Foods to Enhance Your Summer Snacks

Summer is officially in full swing; it’s a time for pool days, beach days, and workdays longing for the warm sun and refreshing water. But it’s also a time for popsicles, potato chips and other potentially tooth-damaging snacks. Instead, opt for these five hygienic foods … Read more