Clear Aligners ( Invisalign and Sure Smile)

Custom Clear Aligners in Raleigh, NC

Have you always dreamed of a perfect smile but were reluctant to wear metal braces? Thankfully, that dream can now be a reality because of clear aligners. These revolutionary orthodontic treatments offer a discreet way to fix most types of teeth alignment problems. Our dentists at Woodall & McNeill provide custom clear aligners in Raleigh, NC to help you achieve that brilliant, straighter smile.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are plastic shells that fit tightly over your teeth. Your teeth are gradually realigned as a result of the little pressure they exert when you wear them. Every few weeks, your dentist will give you a new set to wear until your teeth move to the desired position. Clear aligner treatments can be the orthodontic answer you’ve been searching for if you have mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

Invisalign® and SureSmile® are the two most popular brands of clear aligners. These metal-free teeth aligners are nearly invisible, which helps align your teeth without anyone noticing. Clear aligners will help you correct overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowding, and other teeth alignment problems. 

How do Clear Aligners Work?

The clear aligners are custom-made to apply pressure to your teeth. By wearing them at least 22 hours a day, your teeth will adjust slowly into position. After two weeks, your dentist will replace the plastic trays and will continue doing so until you achieve the ideal teeth alignment. 

The number of clear aligners and treatment duration you need will vary depending on your individual orthodontic issue. It will take longer if your bite is more irregular or if your teeth are more crooked. Typically, a course of clear alignment treatment lasts 10 to 24 months. However, if you wore braces as a child and your teeth have moved a bit over time, you could only require clear aligners for 10 weeks.

When eating and brushing or flossing your teeth, you need to remove your clear aligners to avoid bacteria accumulation.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Woodall & McNeill offers clear aligners in Raleigh, NC, to patients with mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. They are great alternatives to traditional braces if you want to achieve a straighter smile. Here are the benefits of clear aligners like Invisalign® and SureSmile®:

  1. Barely noticeable – Clear aligners are nearly invisible and offer an aesthetic way to fix teeth alignment issues.
  2. Eat anything while on treatment – Because clear aligners are removable, you can eat anything unlike with traditional braces.
  3. Comfortable to wear – Clear aligners are more comfortable to wear than metal braces, which cause mouth sores and gum irritation in most patients.
  4. Shorter dental visits – Traditional braces take time to fit and adjust. Since the aligner trays are already customized to your teeth, you will have shorter dental appointments every few weeks.
  5. Maintain proper oral hygiene – Because clear aligners are removable, you can properly brush, floss, and clean your teeth; and maintain good oral health.
  6. Faster treatment – An Invisalign® or SureSmile® treatment is faster than orthodontic treatments with traditional braces.

Straighten Your Smile with Comfort

Do you want to know if a clear aligner treatment is the best solution for your misaligned teeth? Our dentists at Woodall & McNeill will help you find out. Book an appointment today for an initial consultation.

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