Dental Sealants

High-Quality Dental Sealants in Raleigh, NC

Preventive dental treatments can help protect the teeth from more serious issues. One of these treatments is particularly beneficial for children and is called a dental sealant treatment. Dental sealants protect your kids’ teeth from harmful bacteria that can cause cavities.

What is a Dental Sealant?

Dental sealants are often made of composite resin, a substance that resembles tooth enamel and guards against enamel deterioration. They can also be crafted from glass ionomer or polyacid resin. You can discuss with your dentist which type of dental sealant component is best for you or your child.

The sealant can significantly lower a child’s risk of developing cavities. It fills the grooves of the chewing surface of the back teeth (molars) and smoothens the surface. This helps prevent the accumulation of bacteria and reduces the likelihood of tooth decay. A tooth with dental sealant is easier to clean and well-protected from most dental issues.

Your dentist only needs a few minutes to apply dental sealants (without anesthesia). The sealant may need to be replaced after a few years or so, but it can also last for four to nine years with proper care.

What are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

Woodall & McNeill offers dental sealants in Raleigh, NC, particularly for children with new permanent molars. Here are the benefits of dental sealants:

1. Cavity Prevention

Dental sealants physically protect the teeth’s enamel from plaque and acids. By doing this, cavities will not accumulate in the future.

2. Simple Application

The treatment for applying dental sealants is quick and painless.

3.  Durable

With routine maintenance, sealants can endure up to ten years. Our dentists will periodically verify that they are not worn. To increase their durability, additional sealing material may be added as needed.

4. Economical

Getting a dental sealant will save you more money by lessening the need for other dental procedures.

5. Benefits for All

While sealants are often advised for children, adults can also benefit from them.

How do Dentists Apply Dental Sealants?

The dental sealant application process can be completed swiftly and painlessly without anesthesia. First, the molars will be thoroughly cleaned before they are sealed. Then, your dentist will apply the sealant and make sure there are no gaps where bacteria can penetrate. 

After cleaning, your dentist will dry the teeth using an absorbent material. A solution is applied to the chewing surfaces to increase the sealant’s adherence to the teeth. Next, The sealant will be applied to the tooth enamel. 

When the sealant solidifies, it will help protect the teeth like a shield. For faster hardening, your dentist will utilize a specialized curing blue light on the dental sealant.

Protect Your Teeth from Decay

Woodall & McNeill has been providing premium dental sealants in Raleigh, NC, to help protect children’s teeth from decay. It’s time to get yours too. Visit our office today or call to book an appointment.