Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Raleigh, NC

There are dental cases where the oral health condition of a patient has worsened and one or two procedures are not enough to treat the issue. If you have the same problem, you might be missing a good number of teeth, have a medical condition, or have had cancer before. To bring back your good oral health and rebuild your brilliant smile, it is best for you to have a comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation.

What is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation is a combination of several dental treatments and procedures carried out over time to restore healthy smiles and address a wide range of tooth problems. It applies the principles of both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. While it enhances the appearance of your smile, it also fixes the dental structure that covers both upper and lower teeth and brings back your teeth’s function. It also aims to improve your oral health.

The dental treatments needed for a full mouth rehabilitation depend on the patient’s dental problems, which might range from minor to major ones. A full mouth rehabilitation gives patients the ability to smile more confidently and comfortably since it restores the appearance and function of their teeth and gums.

How can a Full Mouth Rehabilitation Help?

At Woodall & MacNeill, we offer full mouth rehabilitation in Raleigh, NC to help patients in the community achieve better oral health, function, and appearance. These are the things that full mouth rehabilitation can do:

  • Replaces all missing teeth.
  • Treats your afflicted teeth.
  • Improves the teeth chewing and biting functions.
  • Helps you regain a healthy smile and raise your confidence.
  • Gives you a better oral health.

Who Can Have a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation is recommended for you if you have the  following dental problems:

  1. Excessive dental wear, sustained tooth abrasion, or tooth erosion caused by enamel loss.
  2. Sleep bruxism, or teeth grinding at night that causes pain or discomfort in the jaw, muscles, and mouth.
  3. Several dental diseases that received inadequate or incorrect treatment.
  4. Prolonged neglect of dental hygiene results in several troubled teeth.
  5. Congenital issues that impact enamel formation.

Restore Your Oral Health Completely

At Woodall & McNeill, we offer full mouth rehabilitation in Raleigh, NC to provide the most customized smile makeover for each patient that includes cosmetic treatments and and restorative dentistry operations.

Our highly skilled dentists are available for consultations to discuss oral health issues and offer expert advice on necessary procedures that can assist to correct dental disorders, thereby improving your smile confidence and maintaining good oral health.

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