Tooth Reshaping & Contouring

Precision Tooth Reshaping & Contouring in Raleigh, NC

Most people consider braces and other orthodontic procedures when trying to improve the appearance of their smiles. However, there is a low-cost alternative procedure that’s also effective. Woodall & McNeill offers tooth reshaping and contouring in Raleigh, NC, to help you improve your teeth. Find out more about this cosmetic treatment to determine if it’s right for you.

What is Tooth Reshaping and Contouring?

Tooth reshaping and contouring, or Odontoplasty, is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that includes removing the enamel of your teeth. It may involve reshaping and lengthening a tooth or two to give you a straighter smile. For better shaping, your dentist might also apply tooth-colored fillings to your teeth.

A tooth reshaping and contouring treatment is a quick, affordable, and painless procedure, that can help treat small dental issues like chipped, cracked, or misaligned teeth.

Who is Eligible for a Tooth Reshaping and Contouring?

This cosmetic procedure is best for patients with minimal tooth problems. If you have subtle teeth imperfections, tooth reshaping and contouring will benefit you. On the other hand, your dentist will recommend braces and other orthodontic procedures if you have major teeth problems like crooked or overlapping teeth.

Healthy teeth and gums are another important requirement for tooth reshaping and contouring. During this procedure, a tiny amount of your tooth enamel will be removed. Therefore, if you have gum disease, tooth decay, or an infected pulp, you cannot have this procedure performed by your dentist. You also need strong teeth enamel to undergo the procedure.

How does the Procedure Work?

The process of contouring and reshaping teeth is simple. First, X-ray imaging will be used to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. An analysis of the enamel is also included.

If your oral health is good, then your dentist will proceed with the procedure. The first step is to remove some of your tooth enamel with a fine diamond bur or sanding disk. Your dentist will then trim any lengthy teeth short and polish any uneven teeth. In addition to tooth contouring, your dentist may employ composite resin to address spaces between teeth or chipped teeth.

Your dentist will provide aftercare advice to assist in keeping your teeth healthy following the surgery. After the operation, you may feel some sensitivity. Until this goes away, avoid eating anything hot or cold.

Enhance Your Smile with Expert Techniques

Tooth reshaping and contouring is a good alternative to common orthodontic procedures. If you think this treatment is right for you, contact us at Woodall & McNeill for an initial initial screening. We offer tooth reshaping and contouring in Raleigh, NC, to help patients achieve a better, straighter smile.

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